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Parsley leaves useful for diabetes | stimulates and strengthens the digestive system | lack of craving


Parsley is a very popular biennial herb with aromatic leaves that are used as a culinary flavouring. It belong to the family Umbelliferae. It is also known as . Common Parsley, Rock Parsley, Garden Parsley, Rock Selinen, Persil The leaves are either eaten fresh in salads or steeped for tea. Parsley is an excellent diuretic and is useful for kidney disorders and the elimination of stones and gravel. Both the fresh juice and a tea made from the leaves or seeds can be used to relieve water retention (oedema) and strengthen digestion. Parsley also stimulates delayed menstruation and promotes menstrual flow:Parsley Leaves have been used to regulate blood sugar and are thought to be effective in cases of low blood sugar, if there is adrenal malfunction.

Parsley leaves is useful for diabetes.It stimulates and strengthens the digestive system, easing flatulence and indigestion.It is also useful for lack of craving.It is helps to expel gallstones and kidney stones.It acts as diuretic and hence useful for urinary disorders.Parsley Leaf to treat stimulates menstruation.An ointment is beneficial for sore , swelling and other skin conditions. Parsley tea is useful for blood pressure.Parsley has been used as a cancer preventative.Parsley has been used for ailments of the liver and is a good tonic for blood vessels, capillaries and arterioles.Parsley Leaf stimulates and strengthens the activity of the digestive system, easing flatulence and indigestion. Its chlorophyll content is essential to healthy digestion, and it increases circulation to the digestive tract.

It is also useful for flushing out the urinary tract and for the prevention and treatment of kidney stones. Folklore additionally credits this herb with increasing menstrual flow and inducing abortion.In Europe this herb tea is favoured for its diuretic effects and as mean of dealing with high blood pressure. The high chlorophyll content in parsely accounts for its value as a breath freshener.This herb is frequently included in garlic supplements to sweeten the breath. Essential oil made from parsely seed which haven't been as welltested as the root and plant is powerful stuff and shouldn't be used by itself.. Skin rashes in sensitive individual can occur. The high mineral salt content in Parsley is thought to help restore the body's overall health by neutralizing acidic conditions. Parsley's ability to bring up phlegm from the lungs can aid in the treatment of coughs. The herb seems to have a mild laxative effect. Parsley may also be useful to help prevent or treat: