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Lemon Grass | gout | arthritis | sprains | fever | intestinal worm | leoprasy | fever | upse stomach | cough

Lemon Grass

Botanical Name -: Cymbopogon Citratus

Family Name -: Poaceae

Other's Name -: Lemongrass, Ginger Grass


A fragrant tropical grass, it is rich in two volatile (essential) oils, central and citronellal, and some terpenes.The lemongrass contains a volatike oil with citral , citronellal, geraniol, myrcene as its main constituents. Cetral and citronellal exhibit marked sedaive activity. Geraniol and d-limestones from the essential oil induce activity of glutathione S- transferase , a detoxifying enzymes which is believed to be major factors for chemical carcinogen detoxification . It is pungent herb with linear leaves can grow up to 3 feet tall.lemongrass is a very fibrous grass and comes in long, slender stalks about a foot long, normally with its coarse, flat, grassy blades already cut off. The lemon grass is useful for cooking purposes to flavor soups, salads and curries.Native to punjab, maharastra , gujarat and karnatka.


Lemon grass oil is helpful in gout , arthritis and sprains.The herb is to treat fever, intestinal worm, leoprasy ,fever ,upse stomach ,cough,cold , asthma and other respiratory conditions. It acts as an sedative.The whole plant is also beneficial for skin conditions like acne, pores etc.It is also useful for nervous disorders. . It is used mainly for its antiseptic and antibacterial qualities, but it can also be helpful in the treatment of fever. Scientific studies of lemon grass have found the herb to be an effective treatment for flu and cholera. The leaf is stimulant, sudorific, antiperiodic, anticatarrhal. The essential oil is carminative, anticholerin, depressant, analgesic, antipyretic, antibacterial and antifungal. It is also useful for reducing ,evers ,stomach cramps ,flatulence and colic ,easing arthritic pain ,general digestive aid etc. The whole plant is assisting to stress, tension, depression, and other nervous conditions . It acts as antibacterial and anti fungal with natural cleansing properties and hence it is helpful for the liver, kidneys and bladder.It may be provides the reduction of blood pressure and cholesterol, in human body. The whole plant is useful for skin condition such as acne, itching , scar etc and it is aid to menstrual problems and vomiting, nausea and restlessness. The herb stimulates perspiration, cooling the body in summer and lowering fevers. The oil is useful to the affected area in cases of athlete's foot, cuts, scrapes, lower back pain, sciatica, sprains, tendonitis, neuralgia, circulatory problems, and rheumatism.

How to Use in Different Diseases

Lemon tea is useful for flatulence, digestive disorders and cramping pains.Lemon paste is beneficial for ringworms.The leaves powder is useful for diarrhoea. The powder is taken one to two teaspoonfuls twice a day with water.The lemongrass is taken as a tea for digestive problems, it relaxes muscles of the stomach and gut, relieves spasm and flatulence. In catarrhal conditions it is taken as a febrifuge.Citral is a powerful antioxidant and cancer-fighting agent that detoxifies and aids in brain function. The herb is also a sedative and this has a relaxing effect on the brain, which relieves stress and improves sleep patterns and insomnia. Available from supermarkets and specialist ethnic grocers.. The oil is used to cleanse oily skin, and in aromatherapy it is used as a relaxant.

Dosage and Preparation

  • Tea,Oil,Powder
  • Tea- 2 to 4gm
  • Oil Twice daily
  • Powder-3 to 6 gm