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Cayenne Pepper | arthritis | asthma | diabetes, high blood pressure| kidney infections

Cayenne Pepper

Botanical Name -: Capsicum Frutescens

Family Name -: Solanaceae

Other Name -: Cayenne pepper, bird chilli,Capsicum, Tabasco, hot pepper, chili and spur pepper


Originally, a perennial plant with branched stems and simple oval, lance-shaped leaves. Native to the tropical regions of Central America, it is now cultivated elsewhere as an annual. Generally it is small, slender, and red to yellow when ripe.The plant contains hydroxybenzoic acid, Hydroxycinnamic acid and ascorbic acid . Fruits contain up to 1% of capsaicin. Cultivated as a condiment crop. It can grow upto two feet in height. . The shell like berries emerge in innumerable diverse sizes, shapes and colours. It contains include vitamins A and C, and flavonoids and carotenoids. It is well known for its pungent taste and smell. and hence used as medicinal and cooking purposes.


The fruits, or hot peppers, commonly known as chillis, contain capsaicin, a stimulant that helps to control pain and dissolve blood clots. Chillis can stimulate the appetite and digestion, release phlegm and increase sweating and resistance to colds. In moderation, powdered chillis can help heal stomach and duodenal ulcers, promoting tissue growth through the release of histamine. Cayenne pepper is also effective 'in the treatment of ailments as diverse as arthritis, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney infections, sinusitis and other respiratory problems, as well as reputedly providing a remedy for hangovers. Indian Ayurvedic, an verbal remedy for digestive problems, poor appetite, and circulatory problems. It is also useful in remedy for arthritis and muscle pains.It has powerful pain-relieving properties and hence it is very beneficial in Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis pains, postsurgical pain, pain from marginal neuropathy due to diabetes., Low back pains. It is also useful in toothache . It is also help reduce in obesity. The whole herb is useful for improve circulation, for the cold stage of fevers, varicose veins, asthma, and digestive problems such as dyspepsia, colic and flatulence

How to use in different diseases

Externally in painful muscle spasms in areas of shoulder , arm, and spine for treating arthritis, rheumatism, neuralgia, lumago, and childbains. It acts rubefacient and vasostimulant. Capsaicin cream is useful in reduce itching, eczema , inflammations, inflammatory with pain ,sunbroken chilblains, neuralgia, and pleurisy, connected with psoriasis. An ointment is helpful for sprains, muscular pains, inflammation, congestion problems. Cayenne tea is aid to the headache , common cold .As a gargle is used for laryngitis . When in use internally, this plant the digestive tract and stimulates the pour of stomach secretions and spit. These secretions contain substances which help digest food. It acts as diaphoretic, so this action can aid to reduce fevers ,relieve such the congestion of colds and sinusitis. It is a popular home treatment for mild high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol levels. It preparation prevent to platelets and accumulating in the blood.

Dose and Preparations

  • Ointment, Gargle, Capsules, Powder
  • Ointment- Twice daily
  • Capsules- One cap