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Betaine HCL | acne | Indigestion | Bad breath | Diarrhea | constipation| Food allergies

Betaine HCL

Betaine hydrochloride is a supplementary nutrient and a basis of hydrochloric acid. A betaine HCI tablet taken after a meal can improve food tolerance and digestion and its use can also help conditions resulting from low stomach acid, such as heartburn. Since low stomach acid is known to cause allergies, betaine HCI can also help reduce various allergy symptoms. Gastric secretions are known to be reduced with age.This is a stomach acid supplement available in health food shops for people with low gastric secretion. It is essential for sufficient combination of protein, calcium, vitamin B12 and irons . It is also known as stomach acid. It is useful for medicinal puroses. It is useful in Asthma,Gallstones,Indigestion and heartburn,Rheumatoid arthritis,Thyroid conditions,Vitiligo. ,Arteriosclerosis. Diarrhea. etc.

It is also helpful to increase the level of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.There are no food basis of Betaine HCL, but it is as expected shaped in the parietal cells of the stomach. It can between100,000 and almost 1,000,000 times more acidic than water. It is helpful in may retard the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease and nervous system.. Betaine is applicable enzymes,nucleic Compounds,amino Acids,immune System. Betain is also useful in Indigestion ,Bad breath ,Diarrhea or constipation,Food allergies,Itching around the rectum ,Weak or cracked fingernails ,Dilated blood vessels in the cheeks or nose,Skin break-outs or acne etc. Hydrochloride is the main digestive juice dependable for contravention losing proteins . It acts as a defensive fence, assassination many potentially damaging micro-organisms in our food . The low pH level of the stomach is hcl also destroys ingested bacteria and microorganisms.

It has many forms such as tablets and capsules. The pregnant or nursing women, liver or kidney disease should avoid this betaine hcl.It also helps the body to soak up folic acid, vitamin C,calcium, magnesium, and zinc. etc. It has side -effect such as burn the lining of the stomach.A usual stomach’s point of gastric acid is enough to destroy bacteria.A lack of gastric acid discharge increases the possibility bacterial and scrounging intestinal infections. It is also very beneficial for stomach acid. and its related diseases. "Rabeprazole sodium is to treating gastro-oesophageal reflux disease.