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Barley | osteoarthritis | gastric ulcers | inflammatory diseases | urinary disorders


Botanical Name -: Hordeum Vulgare

Family Name -: Gramineae

Other Name -: Barley, Pearl Barley


Probably one of the first cultivated cereals, barley is grown in almost all the temperate regions of Europe and North America. It is a nutritious and easily digested cereal, providing a good source of fibre, iron, calcium and protein. The particle provided a nutritionally unbiased food high in protein and carbohydrates. It . is the world's fourth most significant cereal crop, after wheat, maize, and rice. It has two commercial uses. First one is livestock feed and second is malting. It is resident to western Asia and was original cultivated in the Middle East. The nutritional quality of the barley depends on beta glucan fraction of the grain. Beta-glucan enriched fraction produced cholesterol lowering effect in hamsters. Naked barley extract have been to selectively inhibit cyclohexanase activity and may be useful as a therapeutic drug for treating thrombosis and atherosclerosis.Ehanol extract of young green leaves exhibit antioxidant activity attributed to a flavonoid 2’ – O- glucosylisovitexin . It is also exhibit anti –inflammtory and antiallergic activites. The leaves contains an indole alkaloid, gramine, which exhibit antibacterial properties.. Barley grass, which can be grown at home, is richer in chlorophyll, vitamin A and enzymes, making it easier to digest. It also contains the antioxidant enzyme SOD and mucopolysaccharides which give it anti-inflammatory properties. Barley grass has a high protein content of 20 per cent, about the same as that of meat. Barley malt is a sweetener prepared from sprouted barley. During sprouting, starch is converted to maltose, which does not harm teeth as sugar does and is therefore a much safer and more nutritious sweetener. Ground roasted barley is fIequently used as an ingredient in several brands of coffee substitute and is recommended as a relief for fatigue. It is extensively refined in temperate areas of the world for its edible seed. It may also be separated up into three types based on the natural world of the hulls, unreliable from stiff to free to non-existent.


It is useful as a starch preservative in foodstuffs such as pie and pastry fillings, puddings, custards and yogurts. This herb is useful for osteoarthritis, gastric ulcers and other inflammatory diseases. It is also helpful in urinary disorders, muscular rigidity, chronic sinustitis, cough,asthma, lipid disorders and obesity.It is also useful for diarrhea and protect immunity system. It isknown to strengthen the stomach and intestines and to soothe inflamed membranes, and is believed to help reduce tumours and oedema. It can be used in the alleviation of painful urination and as a mild laxative. Sprouted barley is even more nutritious and can help indigestion and abdominal bloating. It is also a strong blood purifier. Barley grass. This is also useful in dry cough, fever, pancreas disorders. It contains high levels of chlorophyll to restrain cancer, and numerous antioxidants, consideration to aid avert many degenerative diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, stroke ,early ageing., arthritis, asthma, skin problems, obesity, anemia, constipation, impotence, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and kidney problems.The root is useful for blood circulation and cough, cold, asthma and other bronchitis disorders. It is excellent food for the anæmic and nervous on account of its richness in iron and phosphoric acid

How to Use in Different Diseases

The decoction of the this plant is useful for an agrreable demulcent in affections of the affection of the mucous membranes in catarrhs of throat and urinary tract and an excellent drink in fevers,. Simple barley -gruel which is diuretic is a good diet in simple muous and chronic diarrhoea and inn fistula in ano when there is no fever. In or sutika diarrhoea barley gruel mixed with soup of meat , masur or vegetables according to indicarions is prescribed . Barley as a bread - corn for unleavend caked is used in scotland. The partially germinated and dried grain is the source of malt extracted which is more nutritious than the unmalted barley. Bombay barley is occasionally used in making the ready cooked food called satuche pith or barley flour which is made after parching the grain and is made into lettle dough balls with water and eaten . The barley is rather laxative and hence not suited to such as suffer from relaxation of the bowels

Dose and Preparations

  • Decoction
  • Decoction- 10 to 15ml